Grupo Aduanal Forwarding

We are a consolidated company that, based on our experience and constant evolution we are able to provide a service of exceptional quality and efficiency.

Our Mission

Satisfy the needs of our clients through comprehensive import and export solutions that allow us to obtain competitive advantages in the field of international trade and through these benefits obtain -client/supplier- a synergy that promotes both with greater success in the current global market.

About us

Grupo Aduanal Forwarding Services Inc. was consolidated in March 1999, following the idea of forming a company that would adjust to the needs of a changing global market. Evolving together to the new practices in terms of international trade.

Currently we are a consolidated company that has the experience and innovation to provide a quality and efficient service to all our customers.

Why choose GAF?

ISO Certification 9001:2008

Our operational processes are committed to the high quality standards that our customers require.

Reliable and Transparent

Always acting within the applicable legal framework and supported by the permanence of our clients.

Faster dispatch times.

We offer the fastest times for dispatching goods, which are less than 24 hours after complete receipt of the necessary documentation.

Modern infrastructure

We have ample space for the proper handling and care of the merchandise, in addition we are located very close to the world trade bridge.

We operate in the main customs offices

Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas., Colombia, Nuevo León., Aeropuerto México, D.F., Pantaco, D.F., Veracruz, Veracruz., y Manzanillo, Colima.

IN-House Service

We offer an account executive within the client's facilities to coordinate their foreign trade operations.

Leading edge technology

We have the most sophisticated software and equipment to drive the processes of operation and processing of official customs and transport documents.

Day to Day Solutions

To expand and innovate the global supply chain.